The best way to start your Flying Training is to come for a Trial Introductory Flight with one of our experienced instructors.

 Your instructor will give you a briefing on the ground about all the basic controls of the aircraft. You will be shown how they work and how you can use them on your very first flight to control the aircraft.

 Once your ground briefing is complete, you and your instructor will take to the skies and try out each of those controls. You will be flying the aircraft yourself within the first 10 minutes. At the same time, you will get breath taking views of the Sydney basin area. 

 Most students then begin training for the Private Pilot License. The first step of which is the First Solo module.

 If you are looking towards flying as a career you should talk to one of our instructors about the Commercial Pilots License. We have options for you to complete the Commercial Pilots License in a reduced time frame (150 hours) and with the possibility to pay a reduced amount of GST.

 Flying Training at Collings Flight School can be done on a pay as you fly basis, or as a package. Whichever one suits your circumstances. 

 Call Us Today On 0488 888 888 to make a booking or enquiry or contact us online.