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General FAQs

  • We do not copy photos of other people’s tattoos.
  • A minimum deposit of $100 is required when making a booking. This is taken off the total price of your tattoo upon completion.
  • No show to your appointment will result in loss of your deposit
  • We do not take bookings over the internet or phone - you must come in for a consultation first.
  • Consultations are free of charge.
  • We do not quote over the internet or phone so please take advantage of our free consultations and book in for one!
  • We do not tattoo individuals under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.
  • We advise that you have a substantial meal prior to your tattoo as you will need the energy
  • Cancelation or rescheduling of appointments requires at least 48 hours’ notice
  • You must be 18 years of age to get a tattoo. Anyone under 18 years of age must have parents given consent while making the booking.
  • Tattoos from our own design book start from $50
  • Custom made tattoos will be charged at $150 per hour

WORRIES:  The healing process for getting a tattoo is different for everybody! Blurred ink, flaky lines, scabbing and tightness are all part of the healing process. Our company does not tattoo pregnant woman or new mothers who are nursing. We also do not tattoo sunburnt skin.

AFTERCARE: After your tattoo is finished make sure you leave it covered for at least an hour. Once the cover is removed, wash with warm, soapy water to remove all residues. Pat dry, (do not rub) with a clean cloth and apply a very thin film layer of Bepanthen (which you can purchase at front reception) to the area at least twice a day. Only apply the cream to the tattoo when the skin is completely dry. To keep the tattoo in perfect condition, you should shower. Do not soak, swimming or keep the tattooed area in direct sunlight for at least 10-14 days. Let the new fresh layer coming over the tattoo heal! Do not scratch or pick this layer off. Let the light scabbing fall away by itself. This is part of the normal healing process and will take approximately 10-14 days.

CONSULTATION: Plan to come in and have a free consultation with one of our artists. Bring in any reference material that inspires you so our artists can get a feel for your design. The consult takes about 5 to 10 mins. Ideally we need you to have any reference material or ideas available so you can communicate to the artist your direction and inspiration. From there, we can discuss the artist's point of view, tattoo cost, duration, contraindications and possibilities, and any other concerns you may have.

PREPARING BEFORE YOUR TATTOO: Make sure you eat before your tattoo and that you have something with sugar in it, as your blood sugar may drop during your tattoo. If you are on heart or blood-thinning medication please let your tattooist know prior to your tattoo. Please make sure that you don't bring a big group of people with you as there is only room for one person to be around while the tattoo is carried out. If you need to make changes, minor or major, ensure that they are made before your tattoo appointment and to keep the artist involved in all these changes so that we have the correct images for you on the day.