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Naughty Noah Sammy West William Dior
Arising from Wheller Heights Naughty Noah (Noah The Monkey Mickov) rose to prominence in the late 2010's thanks in part to his mentorship with Sammy West, with break out singles such as 'Monkey Dance' and 'MILK' Naughty Noah has forged his own lane in the rap game with his energetic flows and fast paced deliveries. Being from the rural area of Wheller Heights, Noah has seen his fair share of violence, known as the 'one eyed monkey' due to his signature missing eye, Noah has faced a ruthless up bringing in the streets of Sydney and uses his music to project his emotions in an artistic way. Noah's style has been described by his contemporaries as ruthless and lethal with witty bars that prove his high intellect. Even though he faced a rough up bringing he was able to secure a scholarship at the prestegious school Killarney Heights High School, only to drop out a year into his physics course to persue rapping. From the suberb of Killarney Heights, Sammy West (Samuel Clash Stanbury) has led the new generation of talent arising from suburban Sydney with his religious messages in his songs. Often regarded as the 'Kanye West' of this generation, Sammy has truly influenced the culture with his unique style of so called 'Faith Trap' as seen through the viral success of some of his hit singles such as 'Dead Roo', 'SuperCell God' and his debut, number one album, 'In The Lord We Trust'. Sammy's influence on the youth is visible through his mentor ship of up and coming rapper 'Naught Noah' as well as many new age artists stating him as a major influence. Sammy himeself though, labels himself as a product of Kanye, J Cole and of course Jesus Christ himself. Sammy hopes to spread the word of God to the youth through his empowering music which has helped countless through their struggles From humble roots William Dior (William Grove Graham) from Killarney Heights is the embodiment of the new wave of 'emo trap'. After achieving global success with his tik tok famous song '2 Birfdays' as well as his roster of catchy yet heartwrenching tunes such as 'fairy bread', 'stumpy' and his first official song 'Doorknob Flicker'. William prides himself in his multi-talanted nature with his business Grove which as of August 2019 has sold 5 million units world wide, prompting him to have the resources to fund his own career making him the only artist on this roster to be partnered rather than signed to the label. Growing up on a Barge, William was brought up on new age legends such as 'Sammy West', 'AAA Battery' and DJ Noah. William lets out his emotions on his track, holding nothing back with his captivating hooks and soulful bars, he truly is a young talent to keep an eye on.
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