Parkour Power.

One of the most trusted parkour instatutes in Australia.

Let us introduce ourselves!

We, Parkour Power, were created to to people who have parkour as a hobby. Parkour is a relativly new sport which only rose to popularity in the early 2000's. Since the parkour comunity has been growing rapidly, the stores have just not been able to provide easy ways to get your hands on parkour equiptment. Parkour equipment had a high demand but a lack of supply. Dash values recodnised this issue and we created a easy, reliable and simple way for anyone to get their hands on parkour equiptment. We aimed for a online shop that can ship its good quality and afordable items anywhere. We want our customers to learn, practice and perfect their parkour.

Now you know our morals, we can talk more about our website. Dash Value's in an extreamily new website aimed to be up to speed and a good looking simple website to use. Our classlist is not that impressive at the moment but our goal is to have a wide collection of all types of parkour equiptment. With our website only just becoming a reality we have a lot more work to go but in the near future Dash Values will be one of the best parkour instatutrs in australia.

Parkour Power is all about parkour!

This place is literally a parkour haven.

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Striving for self greatness

Everyday is a step forwards

Thank you for taking an interest in our website.

Now go order some parkour gear and dont forget to learn, practise and perfect

Vault values...

Learn, Practise, perfect.