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As a world leading gaming retailer, Cyberlabs Creations is the one of the most trusted name in purchasing gaming products. We’ve dedicated countless hours and numerous resources to the eSports community to support the world’s most aspiring gamers and partnerships with the most renowned gaming brands out there such as MSI, GIGABYTE and Asus. Cyberlabs has pre-integrated all gamers’ coveted functions into its gaming rigs, eliminating the tedious trial and error by themselves and pushing the performance beyond limits before the selling period. Adding to its unanimous acclaim in the gaming field is MSI’s reputation as a trailblazer and executive content creation. Built around MSI's decade-long pioneering tech in gaming, Cyberlabs Creation Series packs stunning color accuracy, long-lasting battery life, high fidelity audio and excellent performance into an ultra-portable, stylish chassis for photographers, graphic designers, 3D animators, video editors and other professionals around the world. Cyberlab's customer-centric mindset steers the direction of its resource deployment and joins the globally acclaimed MSI and Gigabyte Gaming Series. Ranked one of the highest go-to-stores for gamers' wish lists, the Gaming Series features top-notch laptops, graphics cards, monitors, motherboards, desktops and gaming gear


1. How can I request CYBERLABS to erase or download my personal data collected?

If you would like to erase or download your personal data collected by CYBERLABS, please visit: “Contact Page” on CYUBERLABS official website to file your request. After your request is filed, you will receive an automated email from us which informs you of the application number. CYBERLABS will respond your application in accordance with legal requirement.

2. My product is lost. How can I find my lost product?

We apologize that we are unable to track the device for you. However, you may try the following to find your product:
1. Your product is connected to your Google account.
2. The lost product has access to the internet or connection to the network.
3. Use Android Device Manager and allow it to locate the lost product.
4. Allow Android Device Manager to lock your product and erase the data.

3. What are the shipping charges?

o Standard shipment is free of charge when the order amount is 200 AED or above.
o A shipping fee of 18 AED will be applied if the order amount is less than 200 AED

4. How do I request a return and refund?

If you are within the 7-day refund policy period and would like to request a refund, please contact Customer Service. Please note, you will be required to provide the following details when requesting a refund:
o Reason for return
o Serial number of item: (found on the item)
o Quantity and names of items to be returned
o Collection address
If you are outside the 7-day refund policy period and the reason for your refund request is due to a technical or quality issue then please contact Technical Support. 9000-3374647
After the refund has been initiated, the time it will take for your refund to reach you will depend on your payment bank.

5. How can I track my order?

You could track your order by viewing the authentication email sent to your email after purchase.
You could also get more detailed information in the courier website. (www.auspost.com.au/)
Click on track and enter the tracking number to view updates on your shipment


We accept all major credit cards, debit cards and e-wallet.


CYBLERABS INC. are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. We endeavor to comply with all applicable laws on privacy protection and personal data security. CYBLERLABS Privacy Policy, together with any privacy-related notices or statements that contain supplementary information in connection with particular tech products and services you are using (hereinafter referred to as “Privacy Policy”), outline our privacy practices regarding the collection, use and safeguard of your personal data through CYBERLABS products and services, both online and offline we provide. In Privacy Policy, we also outline whom we may share or disclose the collected personal data.

If you are a child, you shall access or use CYBERLABS products and services only after your parents (or your guardian) read and agree our Privacy Policy and agree to provide your personal data to CYBERLABS.