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Koi Dessert Bar

One of the most innovative and fresh dessert bars in Sydney today. A small but powerful selection of uniquely designed, modern sweet treats. The incorporation of flavour is beyond amazing, with fruity, sweet combinations leaving you wanting more without being overly sweet. Definitely a place to check out.


San Churro

Everyone loves these delicious little Spanish choux pastry doughnuts and when you’re in the mood for it, San Churro is always there to deliver. A selection that certainly puts churros in any situation from, mixed with ice cream and dipping sauce to the simple sugar-coated treat.


Betty's Burgers and Concrete Co

It can be hard to find the right place to get a simple but well-made burger but Betty's Burgers is always a winner in the field of American style burgers and fries. The trade mark concrete, a delicious treat that comes with many different, but interesting, toppings.



Japanese food does span further than sushi and this is the place to find it. Fine Japanese cuisine that comes in a variety of traditional and well-known dishes. Certainly, an affordable way to dine without having to compromise on style and quality.